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With its user-friendly interface, advanced charting tools, and lightning-fast execution, you’ll have everything you need to stay ahead of the game. Sign up for an Exness account today and experience the difference for yourself. IG Market’s web platform is one of the best broker-operated platforms available and has won many awards for its clean design and accessibility. Research tools, monitoring tools, complex order management and advanced charts are all included. Other features include simple functionality to open, close and edit individual and aggregate positions, chart customisation and risk management tools. Custom indicators are also available as well as access to data and news feeds to help spot trading opportunities.

This is especially useful for new traders who are just starting out and may not have the experience or knowledge to analyse the markets on their own. One drawback is that the platform is not customisable, and traders can’t change the size and position of the tabs. The platform also does not allow traders to set price alerts or notifications. More experienced traders may prefer MT4 or MT5, both also available at Avatrade, which allows traders to customise their indicators, has many more chart types, and has algorithmic trading.


It also has hundreds of built-in and community-built indicators, more than 50 drawing tools, volume profile indicators, and in-depth market analysis tools. Another unique feature is its customisable timeframes that can be set to any time interval and its trading alerts, available on any device, with 12 different alert conditions. Like MT4, MT5 charts are highly customisable but available in 21 timeframes . It has 38 built-in indicators, including Fibonacci Retracements and Elliott tools, which are unavailable on MT4. The platform also provides a market depth feature that displays the order book of a particular financial instrument, showing other traders’ buying and selling orders in real-time. When talking about the next generation web trading platforms it would be wrong to forget mentioning Fyers’ web trading platform.

You can open your account and access it through a couple of clicks and you will enjoy all the functionalities that will make your trading experience easier, powerful and profitable. When it comes to research and technical analysis MO trading desktop platform does an excellent job. First, it offers 30,000 + reports across 230 + companies and 21 sectors and the technical chart will give you the exact position of stocks that help you in making the right decision while trading. Motilal Oswal MO Web Trader may be best known for its comprehensive features and bug-free platform.

The Benefits of Using a Web Terminal for Modern Trading – Data Science Central

The Benefits of Using a Web Terminal for Modern Trading.

Posted: Thu, 13 Apr 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

You will also, by default, be able to see the 20 most popular trading instruments for your account type. Select MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5, depending on which platform you have registered your account on. Now you can trade on the web and use the practicality of MT5 in a couple of easy clicks.

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Trade in all segments including equity, derivatives, commodities, currencies, NSE, BSE and MCX. Finally, click on the desktop shortcut, pop up on your desktop and get started trading. All research has been conducted by our in-house team of researchers and writers, gathering information from various company representatives, websites and by sifting through the fine print.

Our market services support the entire lifecycle of a trade and provide compelling marketplace solutions. The Internet Explorer version you are currently using does not support some features of Trader Terminal Web. All traders can now directly bid and procure Potatoes from e-NAM Mandis of Uttar Pradesh, without requirement of unified license and fees. All traders are requested to participate and procure fresh potatoes from UP via e-NAM portal.” National Agriculture Market is a pan-India electronic trading portal which networks the existing APMC mandis to create a unified national market for agricultural commodities. Here we have comprehended all steps that help you in setting up this platform.

Trader Cautious Over Cash – DTN The Progressive Farmer

Trader Cautious Over Cash.

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If you buy both the legs it is a Long Straddle and if you sell both the legs it is a Short Straddle. All traders are requested to participate in inter-state trade and procure from Tamil Nadu. It also added a new generation tool, trade signal, which is designed to help traders in finding new opportunities. Hence this provides an excellent experience to the traders they need to succeed. Trading leveraged products such as Forex and CFDs may not be suitable for all investors as they carry a high degree of risk to your capital.

Social Trading Platforms

CTrader appears and functions similarly to MetaTrader 4, so moving to cTrader is an easy transition. It is more modern in appearance and has more features than MT4, but there are other major differences between the two platforms. Because MT4 is so popular, thousands of community forums and guides are available to help get you started. In addition, MT4 brokers will help traders set up the platform and offer specialist technical support. Please note that your stock broker has to return the credit balance lying with them, within three working days in case you have not done any transaction within last 30 calendar days. Trading in CFDs carries a high level of risk thus may not be appropriate for all investors.


Pine Script was designed as a and intuitive language for developing indicators and strategies that can be backtested. Traders can use its Bar Replay feature to rewind the markets and review trading events with user-defined speed and resolution. TradingView provides detailed reports on your strategy’s performance and comprehensive financial analysis for all major stock exchanges, including financial statements and valuation analysis. Established in 2011, TradingView is a web-based social network that allows traders to share trading ideas, spot trading opportunities, and trade directly from its advanced charts. Alongside MT4, MT5, cTrader and TradingView, some Forex brokers also have their own platforms. Known as proprietary platforms, they are usually web-based and are better suited to beginner traders.

CTrader also has a trade analysis tool that will enable you to check your trading history in an easy-to-digest visual format. It provides a comprehensive history of which pairs you trade, how often you trade them, your position sizes, and your trade directions. Though it is a good application from a relatively new discount broker, it has certain loopholes that need to be rectified for a seamless user experience. Fyers is the first ever brokerage firm to have launched the new the way of investing in stocks that is called as ‘thematic investing’. Thematic investing is where the stocks to be invested in are picked on the basis of certain specific themes.

XStation5 also displays senindicator bullshit do you really think all of thent data on its dashboard so traders can view the percentage of traders who bought or sold particular instruments. A mobile trading platform is an app that allows traders to view financial markets and trade from their mobile devices. Mobile trading platforms offer traders the flexibility and convenience of being able to trade from anywhere, at any time, as long as they have an internet connection.

FYERS Web Is Ranked #1 by Traders

From viewing dashboards to instantly transferring funds this platform offers great coverage that definitely satisfies the traders. Focusing on newbies and old hand traders, this is the flagship platform whose interface design is clean, and comes with a plethora of features. This feature provides you with a smart view of your holding across Mutual investment, equity, derivatives, and commodities with an integrated research view on each stock. If you are a trader, you might have experienced difficulty while choosing a platform that offers comprehensive features even at low bandwidth. CTrader allows for automated trading with the built-in cTrader Automate. CTrader Automate allows traders to build or buy trading robots and custom indicators.


The firm offers a flat Rs.20/- per executed trade brokerage plan with facilities to trade in equity intraday, F&O, Currency, and Commodities. Update your e-mail and phone number with your stock broker / depository participant and receive OTP directly from depository on your e-mail and/or mobile number to create pledge. Exness Web Terminal is designed to work on most modern web browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. However, for the best performance and user experience, it is recommended to use the latest version of your preferred browser.

Its state-of-the-art technology ensures smooth order execution and a stable trading environment, giving you the edge you need to excel in the forex market. The web version of MetaQuotes’ popular MT4/MT5 trading platform is now available directly from the Exness website. WebTerminal, the web-based platform from MetaQuotes, has all the main features needed for efficient trading and works in all browsers and operating systems. & are websites under Medmonx Enterprises Private Limited. We are certified stock broker review & comparison website working with multiple partners. This platform includes everything from technical and fundamental analysis to buy/sell stocks within a watchlist.

You get the best services from it, including real-time quotes, price charts that you customize and analytical objects that fit the basic specifications. We operate 25 markets and one clearinghouse and five central depositories offering trading and market services across multiple asset classes. Click on “See in Builder” button, it will take you to strategy builder and there is an option to view strategy chart. Extending the same concept to all strike prices, makes a Straddle Chain. This looks exactly like the options chain without any demarcation of calls & puts.

The following social trading platforms are some of the most popular in the industry. Proprietary platforms are broker-built and operated trading applications. These proprietary platforms vary in quality, but they are generally web-based and easy to use for beginners. Some of them are also quite different from traditional platforms like MT4.

However, her interest in forex trading and her love for writing led her to switch careers, and she now has over eight years experience in research and content development. She has tested and reviewed 100+ brokers and has a great understanding of the Forex trading world. In a world where trading conditions and customer support can vary based on where you live, our broker reviews focus on the local trader and give you information about these brokers from your perspective. Whichever platform you choose, remember that a trading platform is only a tool to connect you with the market. Your success or failure will depend entirely on your trading choices, level of education, and risk appetite.

There is a possibility that you may sustain a loss equal to or greater than your entire investment. No other financial broking firm comes close to providing this type of advisory tool that gives you an automated recommendation on favourite stocks like when to buy/ sell stocks. Chris joined the company in 2019 after ten years experience in research, editorial and design for political and financial publications. His background has given him a deep knowledge of international financial markets and the geopolitics that affects them. Chris has a keen eye for editing and a voracious appetite for financial and political current affairs.


Motilal Oswal MO Trader Web is a Web Trading Platform provided by MOSL. It is one such platform that comes with rich features like a comprehensive portfolio snapshot, advanced charting tool, tick-by-tick action watch & more. MT4’s open-source scripting language, MQL4, allows traders to build and buy Expert Advisors , indicators and other trading robots. Almost any trading strategy can be formalised and implemented as an Expert Advisor, so it automatically trades for you.

  • He ensures that our content across all sites meets the standards of quality and transparency that our readers expect.
  • Although TradingView is such a feature-rich and customisable platform, it started out as an advanced charting tool, and only in 2018 did it become an operational trading platform.
  • We are certified stock broker review & comparison website working with multiple partners.
  • However, her interest in forex trading and her love for writing led her to switch careers, and she now has over eight years experience in research and content development.
  • & are websites under Medmonx Enterprises Private Limited.
  • TradingView is one of the most advanced charting platforms available.

Web hunt ticker has been designed with the needs of traders in mind, making it the best‌ ‌stock‌ ‌trading‌ ‌platform for beginners and experienced traders. The site’s features are highly intuitive and straightforward to use, making it a great place to start learning about stock trading. It offers some advanced tools such as charting, advanced order types, position limits, leverage trading, and more. It also provides an excellent educational resource that will help you learn everything you need to know about investing without having to invest any money of your own into the process. Exness Web Terminal is a user-friendly, web-based trading platform that allows traders to access and manage their Exness trading accounts without the need to install any software. The terminal offers a wide range of trading tools and features, enabling users to monitor the market, analyze trends, and execute trades efficiently.

With ZuluTrade, traders can copy each other’s trades and share ideas and strategies. With over a million users, it is one of the largest copy trading providers around. An added benefit, you can link a pre-existing MT4 account to ZuluTrade. Social trading allows traders to view the trading activities of others and copy their strategies to profit from their expertise.

MT4 only supports access to these other markets via modifications to the platform. This wider range of CFDs is also great for brokers, as it lets them offer more products on a single platform. The number of features, though advanced, is limited compared to other applications offered by other stock brokers especially when talking about fundamental and technical analysis. MO online trading application makes it easy for newbie traders and investors to get started because it offers a well-rounded experience that supports all trading functionality. She has a degree in Digital Marketing and a background in content writing and SEO. In addition to her marketing and writing skills, Ida also has an interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain networks.

Infact, to identify & pick the right options contract for your strategy is even more challenging. One can use a simple options chain or open interest bar graph or simply a chart. Others may run a rule-based comprehensive algorithm with complex data sets. CFDplanet Web Trader is the in-house trading platform, and this is the 4th year we are providing our traders with its facilities. It is a good choice for traders who have just started to know the trading world and find things a bit wired yet brave and curious enough to practice trading with real capital. Here, we suggest our traders go for the smallest minimum amount to activate their trading account, $250, and open their positions as low as $ 5-15 per trade.


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